Wednesday, May 26, 2010

my expanding belly!

my belly is really starting to expand!! its crazy! but thank goodness NO stretch marks! knock on wood im terrified to get them but im sure i will! im really starting to feel uncomfortable mostly in my ribs and back! i dont know if i can handle getting any bigger! but im loving the bump and really loving my lil man inside!!

this is me at twenty eight weeks!

this is me at sixteen weeks!

this is me at 26 weeks!

this is me at 21 weeks!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

my BUMP!

Well so far my pregnancy has been absolutely enjoyable!
-i felt very bloated and gross!
-i never threw up but definantly felt like it alot!
-i wished i didnt have a nose, smells killed me!
-i was still in alot of shock and couldnt believe there was a baby in me.
-headaches alot
-craved nothing but junk food, mcdonalds fries and orange chicken
-everything i ate in the first trimester i cant even touch or think about now.
-i had alot of doubt and denile that i could actually carry a baby full term.
-no energy!
-read every pregnancy book out there.
-still in alot of shock and couldnt believe i am pregnant!
-started feeling better, around 19 weeks and on i was feeling better than even before i was pregnant. pregnancy glow
-craved chips and salsa and DURANGOS everysingle day!
- stress about baby name.
- had my first anxiety attack
-started to really show.
-lady asked if i was pregnant for the first time, that was weird!
-soooo happyy and excited!
-felt my baby move for the first time at seventeen weeks.
- max felt the baby move for the first time at around nineteen weeks
- found out were having a BOY at twenty weeks!
-really started working out alot more, walking every day and gym
-baby flips kicks and punches none stop he is a very active baby!
-started lactating at like twenty weeks! its crazy, but the doc says its a good thing..
-started to wear my strechy pants.
-starting to get really big!
-baby is growing perfectly and he is very healthy
-the baby is starting to slow down i feel bigger movements like stretching and balling up. no more flipping around.
-still no stretch marks thank goodness!
-im starting to get really uncomfortable, my ribs kill, i feel like a have a broken rib from expanding, my low back and heels hurt bad by the end of the day.
-still in shock that i actually have a baby inside me even though i feel him 24/7
-starting to get the nursery together!
-craving durangos, watermelon, strawberries, and chocolate!
-im getting really excited and anxious to have our lil man here!!
- still stressing about a name.
-starting to get those braxton hicks contractions
- we feel sooo blessed! our life couldnt get any better!