Wednesday, May 19, 2010

my BUMP!

Well so far my pregnancy has been absolutely enjoyable!
-i felt very bloated and gross!
-i never threw up but definantly felt like it alot!
-i wished i didnt have a nose, smells killed me!
-i was still in alot of shock and couldnt believe there was a baby in me.
-headaches alot
-craved nothing but junk food, mcdonalds fries and orange chicken
-everything i ate in the first trimester i cant even touch or think about now.
-i had alot of doubt and denile that i could actually carry a baby full term.
-no energy!
-read every pregnancy book out there.
-still in alot of shock and couldnt believe i am pregnant!
-started feeling better, around 19 weeks and on i was feeling better than even before i was pregnant. pregnancy glow
-craved chips and salsa and DURANGOS everysingle day!
- stress about baby name.
- had my first anxiety attack
-started to really show.
-lady asked if i was pregnant for the first time, that was weird!
-soooo happyy and excited!
-felt my baby move for the first time at seventeen weeks.
- max felt the baby move for the first time at around nineteen weeks
- found out were having a BOY at twenty weeks!
-really started working out alot more, walking every day and gym
-baby flips kicks and punches none stop he is a very active baby!
-started lactating at like twenty weeks! its crazy, but the doc says its a good thing..
-started to wear my strechy pants.
-starting to get really big!
-baby is growing perfectly and he is very healthy
-the baby is starting to slow down i feel bigger movements like stretching and balling up. no more flipping around.
-still no stretch marks thank goodness!
-im starting to get really uncomfortable, my ribs kill, i feel like a have a broken rib from expanding, my low back and heels hurt bad by the end of the day.
-still in shock that i actually have a baby inside me even though i feel him 24/7
-starting to get the nursery together!
-craving durangos, watermelon, strawberries, and chocolate!
-im getting really excited and anxious to have our lil man here!!
- still stressing about a name.
-starting to get those braxton hicks contractions
- we feel sooo blessed! our life couldnt get any better!


  1. I am so excited for you. Where are the belly pictures? :-)

  2. Wow lots of stuff you are feeling the first trimester i'm feeling so much! all i want is junk food and i can't even think about how many smells make me want to throw up! I've only thrown up once and it was at work! haha tay i miss you so much and you are helping me so much through this! I'm glad you went first haha and i hope i get to see you soon! i want to see belly pictures too! i'm not showing at all but i feel like my baby is growing in my boobs hahah they are getting huge! Love you so much little mama!!