Friday, October 22, 2010

my new life!

Drezden brings me soo much happiness and joy! the past two months have been absolutely perfect! Drezden has changed soo much already. weighing in at 13 pounds 8 ounces 24 inches long! he is starting to smile alot and goo and squil! i love this age and i am enjoying every second of every minute with this little man! some things to remember of the first few months of his life:
i had a house full of loving family to welcome drezden home and help me with getting use to this new role as mother.
Drezden got the new born rash only lasted a day or two
he loves the sound of his DADDYS voice and loves to listen to max play guitar
he is a mommys boy and loves to eat and definantly knows how to tell me he is hungry!
i cant keep my eyes off of all his tiny little body parts and how perfect he is!
i still cant believe he came out of me and grew inside of me!
Drezden is PERFECTLY healthy
the Dr thinks that Drezden might have a lazy eyelid we will be going to a specialist
Drezden got circumsized at 2 weeks old that was not fun it killed me to hear him cry in pain, i stayed in the room with him and held my hands on his head and kissed his face reasurring him he will be okay, not even glancing once to what was going on. max watched the entire procedure and did just fine!
Drezden wakes up two eat every two hours on the dot.
Drezden always has his hands in a tight fist and likes to keep his hands up by his face when he sleeps!
gassy grunting poopy little boy
drezden loves to sleep right on my CHEST i love the skin to skin contact and so does he it calms him down no matter what is bothering him
Drezden LOVES the bath i think besides eating its his favorite part of the day!
he is picky with what he sucks on he wont take a bottle and will only suck on one type of binky.
the first few days he tried sucking on his two middle fingers but i wouldnt let him even though i think its adorable i know i can take away a binky to break the bad habit but i cant take away his fingers.
2 weeks we weighs 7 pounds 8 ounces
1 month he weighs in at 9 pounds 7 ounces
Drezden is very alert and really concentrates on you if you talk to him.
he has the same brow line as me and makes a mad face alot and also he has my nose and he flares his nostriles everytime he is peeing.
speaking of pee its been every where has hit us from across the room he is a shooter
he is a very lazy boy he doesnt like standing on his legs to much and doesnt really care to hold up his own head. but slowly and surely he is getting stronger and stronger!
the first time he really SMILED out of happiness not from gas was when he was 1 month old and i was talking to him and playing with him by pulling his binky out of his mouth and then putting it back he thought this was funny!
2 1/2 months he weighs in at 13 pounds 8 ounces
at two months old he is very alert and a very happy baby!! he goos squils and smiles all the time! he is getting harder to intertain though he wants to see it all and he is really getting his own little personality. he knows if he coughs i will hurry and pick him up thinking he might be choking some, but now he has a fake little cough that he uses to get my attention and to be picked up its too cute! he also has a fake little pitty cry more like he is yelling at me and his cry is slowly turning from that newborn cry to a cry that he is trying to talk to me and tell me whats wrong by making little yelling noises and gooing and sying in between his cry's. he hasnt full on giggled yet but he is soo close. he is a really breathy baby and so when he smiles really big he makes alot of high pitched squils and takes "happy" breaths if you know what i mean! he is spoiled and definantly has max and i wraped around his finger! because we are pretty much the only one who holds him we are pretty much the only ones he likes to be held by,this will change really soon once we get back home and around family.
he loves to be in his crib kicking and playing he loves to be FREE and kick around with his diaper off!
i have gotten him in the big bath tub a few times with me and he really likes this although if he can feel my bare skin at all he thinks he needs to eat it doesnt matter how full he is. he is starting to realize that he can SPLASH! the floor and mom and dad are usually totally soaked after each bath!
everywhere i go with him i get tons of compliments! everyone thinks he is the most beautiful little boy! i have to agree!!
he loves his momma and loves to SNUGGLE thats my favorite part! i love being loved and needed soo much! its the greatest feeling ever!! i could go on and on and on about my lil man and all the happiness he brings me! really this is for my own self because i am terrible about writing in a journal and i dont want to forget all these PRECIOUS things!! thanks for reading anyway!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


we couldnt be any happier

loving the skin to skin and hearing my heart beat! i love this special bond we have!

this daddy is soo proud and in love!

grandma chrisie

seconds after he was born! he came out just perfect!!

his first time home and on my bed! those are new born clothes everything drowns him!

Drezden Maxwell Miller born August 4th at 2:01 am weighing in at 6 pounds 13.9 ounces, 19 inches long! we are soooooooooooooooo freakin happy! life couldnt get any better than this! i will write more about the whole experience when i get more time, for now i am too preoccupied i cant take my eyes off of him!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Maternity Pictures!

this baby was made threw love and will be brought into this world with love!

we are both soooo excited!!

monterey is beautifull, this is where we live!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


hey there everyone, i have been falling behind on keeping things posted, so i am setting my life aside and forcing myself to write on here. alot has been going on in our busy little life. first off we have an unexpected new family member. a boxer pup, his name is Bowzer, to keep a long story short we were not at all looking to get a dog, at least i was against the idea with the baby coming i didnt want to be dealing with potty training a puppy or training one at all while getting ready for a baby. max really wanted a dog but he wanted to go to the next extreme..a great dane! that was just out of the question. anyway about a month and a half ago while driving home from enrichment night i watched about three cars slam on their brakes almost hitting a black little creature running freely threw the street, i thought it was a cat then he ran in front of my car not once but twice, i almost hit him. so i pulled over and discovered it was a puppy i threw him in my car and headed home with the intentions to find his family, i just couldnt leave him running the streets i knew he would become part of the road if i didnt act fast! i dont think it really hit us until the next morning when we took him out of our bathroom and played with him out our back yard what we had gotten ourself into. he was covered in fleas warms crawling out of his butt, and he has a cherry eye, and his collar was on super tight. i took him to the vet got him all cleaned up and medicated, and posted on craigslist that i found him, and called the shelters around here to see if anyone was looking for him. after about three weeks and a surgery to remove a fox tail out of his nose 500 dollars later we decided we had invested way too much into this pup and honeslty we were pretty attatched. he's ours! and luckily he is a very well behaved puppy and came potty trained so that was nice!! memorial weekend we went camping up in the mountains with some good friends we have made here. it was at a beautifull camp grounds called verterans memorial park, it was a very different experience because it looks and feels like your in a red wood forest or cedar mountain but yet you can hear the sea lions barking on the beach and see the ocean from the camp spot haha it was really cool!

OUR ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!! june,6,2010. i cant believe it has been a whole year! the best year ever! seriously Max and I are truly soooo happy! i love being married, sharing a home with my best friend, building our future and family together is so exciting! people say the first year is the hardest, if the years to come are easier and happier than this year my life is going to be a breeze! one year ago was the happiest day of my life! we made the best decision ever! i love my hunny! max planned out a date for us to celebrate our anniversary this year, he didnt tell me what we were doing he just told me wherever we went had a dress code, no jeans girls in dresses, no flip flops or anything like that, so i got all dolled up in a really pretty black dress and hills, it was fun having a reason to get dressed up and pretty. first max drove us up to carmel and we sat pulled off the road watching the waves crash on the beach in carmel, point lobos area, then when it was time for his reservations he drove me up the steep hill into a very rich amazing, private neighborhood, it was beautifull every where you looked you could see the ocean and mountains and just breath taking views. we ate at not only the most fanciest and top of the line restraunt i have ever been to, but it was the most amazing food i have ever ever had in my life! and it was also the most expensive meal we have ever ate at it was 180.00! but the view and atmosphere alone was worth every penny let alone every bite. it was very very special they treated us like king and queens! every meal we had the waiter offered to take a picture of us with the meal. i would never want to be proposed inside of a restraunt but this restraunt was an acception it was very romantic, max did great! the pictures below are of 1: maxs 22 ounce steak! the best steak we have ever tasted ever! 2: the view from our table the entire restraunt was almost completely windows on the edge of this cliff hanging over the ocean in carmel 3: max and i on our anniversary 4: our amazing desert that had happy anniversary written on white chocolate in chocolate! that made it really special!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

my expanding belly!

my belly is really starting to expand!! its crazy! but thank goodness NO stretch marks! knock on wood im terrified to get them but im sure i will! im really starting to feel uncomfortable mostly in my ribs and back! i dont know if i can handle getting any bigger! but im loving the bump and really loving my lil man inside!!

this is me at twenty eight weeks!

this is me at sixteen weeks!

this is me at 26 weeks!

this is me at 21 weeks!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

my BUMP!

Well so far my pregnancy has been absolutely enjoyable!
-i felt very bloated and gross!
-i never threw up but definantly felt like it alot!
-i wished i didnt have a nose, smells killed me!
-i was still in alot of shock and couldnt believe there was a baby in me.
-headaches alot
-craved nothing but junk food, mcdonalds fries and orange chicken
-everything i ate in the first trimester i cant even touch or think about now.
-i had alot of doubt and denile that i could actually carry a baby full term.
-no energy!
-read every pregnancy book out there.
-still in alot of shock and couldnt believe i am pregnant!
-started feeling better, around 19 weeks and on i was feeling better than even before i was pregnant. pregnancy glow
-craved chips and salsa and DURANGOS everysingle day!
- stress about baby name.
- had my first anxiety attack
-started to really show.
-lady asked if i was pregnant for the first time, that was weird!
-soooo happyy and excited!
-felt my baby move for the first time at seventeen weeks.
- max felt the baby move for the first time at around nineteen weeks
- found out were having a BOY at twenty weeks!
-really started working out alot more, walking every day and gym
-baby flips kicks and punches none stop he is a very active baby!
-started lactating at like twenty weeks! its crazy, but the doc says its a good thing..
-started to wear my strechy pants.
-starting to get really big!
-baby is growing perfectly and he is very healthy
-the baby is starting to slow down i feel bigger movements like stretching and balling up. no more flipping around.
-still no stretch marks thank goodness!
-im starting to get really uncomfortable, my ribs kill, i feel like a have a broken rib from expanding, my low back and heels hurt bad by the end of the day.
-still in shock that i actually have a baby inside me even though i feel him 24/7
-starting to get the nursery together!
-craving durangos, watermelon, strawberries, and chocolate!
-im getting really excited and anxious to have our lil man here!!
- still stressing about a name.
-starting to get those braxton hicks contractions
- we feel sooo blessed! our life couldnt get any better!

Monday, April 19, 2010

im innocent i swear!!!

The day after easter sunday my sister and i drove the long but beautiful drive back to our hometown mesquite/ st. george!! the drive really was not bad at all there is soo much to look at along the way, monday around four we arrived in mesquite and headed straight to my grandma bundy's house where my mom and two younger sisters were anxiously awaiting our arrival. it was alot of fun to see them it was the first time any of them have seen me since i told them i was pregnant and was not showing at all, it made my pregnancy feel real for everyone to see my little baby bump. after we visited my grandma and eachother for a while we all drove up to my dads house which is only about two and a half minutes away, he had absolutely no idea i was coming and was completely surprised! and soo happy!! i stayed for a week and four days and that was just the exact amount of time i needed to see everyone i wanted to see do all the things ive been wanting to do and most importantly eat at all the places i crave everyday in monterey ( i ate at durangos twice and wish now i would have everday!!). this last friday my sister and my friend drove me down to the las vegas air port, i was sad to leave but sooo overly excited and homesick for my husband! this being my second official time flying and first time flying alone i was a little nervous! i hate being alone!! they stayed with me until security and then we went our own way. the line and airport was just packed with people so it took me a little longer than i thought it would to get threw security so i was a little stressed for time.. once it was my turn to put my carry on bag, purse, and shoes on the belt to go threw the xray security thingy i walked myself threw the metal detector right away a beeping noise went off and the man said i had to be randomly searched, i was totally okay with it and all i asked was if it would take long cause i was worried about time they looked at my ticket and said i had enough time. my bags were in the x ray thing for kinda along time and was starting to hold up the line i didnt think much of it and just rolled with the punches. the security man told me that my purse was fine and that he just needed to go threw my carry on bag. he put my bag on a table and started pulling out all my clothes he told me at any time i cannot try to reach or grab anything out of my bag, and i was like okay thats fine, not worried or sweating anything i was just going threw the motions and sending max a text. the security man started talking to me so i looked up at him and he said this was in your bag! it was a pretty large pocket knife the blade was about the size of my hand. at first i thought he was joking and i actually asked him if he was kidding and if he was serious! he definantly was seriouse! i told him i had never seen the knife in my life i didnt know it was in there and that i was terribly sorry!! and soo embarrassed. i explained to the man my situation.. when i found out i was flying home i didnt want to pay the price or go threw the headache of checking in a bag so when i was at my dads i just grabbed a carry on size suite case that i could fit my stuff in, the bag was all folded up and appeared to be empty so i just shoved all my stuff in the bag without double checking! it must be my dads i said but i didnt care what they did to it i told them i didnt need it or care if they took it i just wanted to keep my flight and get home to my hubby. the man brought the knife over to more security guards and told them what he had found.. he came back and told me he had to run my bag threw one more time and that he would be keeping the knife. i was soo embarrassed but also soooo happy he didnt treat me like a criminal, throw me in jail, interegate me etc. he was actually pretty cool about it! i still cant believe what happened to me of all the things that could have been left in that suit case it just had to be a over sized pocket knife! oh geezz but i have to say if i was trying to high jack a plane or sneak on a weapon i did have a pretty innocent believable look.. twenty year old pregnant girl hahaha!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

my bundle of BOY!

thats right we are having a Boy!!! and we are both so very excited! now that it is safe,we both will admit that we wanted a boy first, we would have been happy with either but deep down we both really wanted a boy! and thats what were getting!! he is a healthy fat baby so far and is almost constantly kicking, turning, punching and flipping around! it makes me so happy to feel him squirming around and to feel how strong he already is.. i feel like in a way i kinda remember my kids in heaven and i do think that they chose us before this life. i have always invisioned having a boy first, it would have been a huge shock if i were having a girl. my life is just falling into place just the way i have always imagined as a little girl, its not always peaches and cream, but Max and I are truly so blessed and so happy! we are having a hard time with a boy name so if you have any suggestions send them my way! here is a video of our sixteen week dr visit, its the first time we actually saw our baby! sooooo is such a miracle! i have more photos and videos ill get up soon! enjoy!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


me and my amazing husband max FINALLY got into the doctor for the first time!! its been a really hard, frustrating, emotionally, and just flat out crappy journey.. first of all i found out i was pregnant december seventh, being really new to the monterey area and knowing close to NO one here, or where ANYTHING was around here, it set us back awhile before we even found a obgyn. but once we did i went in the very next day to fill out paper work and get an appointment set up.. it was about a three week wait before i could get in but i was willing to wait. the night before the appointment max told me there would be no way he will be able to get out of class to go, so i had to cancel and make a new appoinment for a later time. i got the appoinment for 3:30 so max only had to get permission to miss his after noon P.T. . he was able to get out of it and everything was going smooth at this time i think i was about ten weeks along. we were both so excited to see the baby and hear the heart beat, i couldnt even sleep that night! the day of our first official appointment i got all ready and drove over to pick up max from class while i was waiting for him in the parking lot, i got a call from the dr. office saying the doctor was in delivery and that i would have to reschedule. being confused and devistated and way overly emotional, i had max call them back to reschedule and the earliest they could get us in was two and a half weeks from that day!! i couldnt believe after cancelling on me they would make me wait so long but we made the appointment and waited. finally the day of our second official appointment i again got all ready very anxious and excited, and on my way over to get max i checked the voicemails on my phone and sure enough there was one from the dr. office cancelling AGAIN!!!!! due to the dr being in surgery! this time i didnt get as upset or cry because i guess it didnt surprise me! but at this time i think i was about fourteen weeks. well i called her back pretty pissed off and said when can you get me in i need to be seen ASAP i think i am about thirteen weeks pregnant and i want to know that everything is okay!! she again made me wait two weeks but finally FINALLY yesterday the day of my appointment we got in without them cancelling YAY!! i was so nervous and anxious i couldnt believe it was actually happening. they took me back to do all the weighing and peeing in the cup, i have actually lost six pounds since ive been pregnant which really scared me but they say thats normal. then max was able to come in the room with me which made me feel better and because i am a slacker and have never had a pap test done before i had to do it there and then. it wasnt that horrible but definantly not the most comfortable thing ever. the doctor came in introduced himself and then sad spread your legs, ha he really did, and i almost giggled but then i felt all the weird unpleasant pressure.... OKAY enough with that.. after that the dr. put the gel on my belly put the ultrasound thingy on my belly and instantly our little baby popped up on the big screen tv. i just started to squil, and i couldnt stop. it was the most AMAZING thing and at that moment i actually felt pregnant and not just crappy feeling. i was in shock it had been soo long to be pregnant without actual evidence of the baby that i was starting to question if i was even preggo any more. at first it was a side profile view of our little thing and then it turned its head looking right at us and then threw both of its arms up in the air looking like it was waving ha! it was weird to see it moving around and not being able to feel it move. he told us he doesnt like telling his patience what they are having until twenty weeks but he said as of right now it looks like a BOY!! and our next appointment ill be able to tell you for sure! he did a whole bunch of measuring to find out exactly how far along i actually was. comes to find out i am sixteen weeks pregnant with the due date of AUGUST,10,2010!!! then he printed out some pictures for us they arent that great because the baby got camera shy and fliped its face and head down but ill try and get them posted!! he said everything was going great he can tell its going to be a big healthy baby because i guess my uterus is really big and the baby is already a little big for its age(at first i just thought oh no big baby = pain, but then i was so relieved that we are going to have a healthy little chunk). then he listened to the baby's heart beat and that was so cool, everything made me very emotional but i was able to contain it. all last night i was in shock and felt like we just got the news of being pregnant, im so happy it feels real now and cant wait until our next appointment!!

Monday, February 1, 2010


well i must brag! i have the most awesome husband! not only does he take care of me and treat my like a queen! he is such a hard worker and so stinking smart!!! a couple days ago max got up at four in the morning to go to P.T. and run four or five miles..just like everyday, but after pt there was a meeting i think it was a safety breif they do every week before the weekend for everyone in his company, around 300 people...well while max was sitting there while they went threw the lecture on not beating your wife,not beating your dog, not beating your kids,not beating your neighbors kids, or your neighbors wife..yadda yadda ya...the leutenant curnal (which to my understanding is a man ranked way up there!) got up and called out private max miller and three other guys's names to come up to the front. at this point max didnt know what was happening and he was trying to figure out what he did wrong. and thats a man you dont want to get mad. so he walked up there and the man announced that those four guys were being recognized on there hard work and how extremely well they were picking up on the language.. four guys out of 300 or more all learning a language, my husband is doing so awesome he is standing out of 300 people!! im so proud!! im not exactly sure what all was said because unfortunantly i wasnt there. but later on that day the seargent in his class brought him a printed out email of how the leutenant colonel got the message that max was doing out standing.. here it is...

good morning
i would like to bring to your attention that i attended teaching on jan,27,2010 yesterday and i was amazed by students task accomplishment. we worked on vocabulary and asked them to write meaningful sentences or a paragraph, then present them to the class. and at the end , i wanted them to rewrite and them to me. they all did a great job ( i will give you a copy of their work). i have to mention that the leadership of ssgt jessica orr and her classmates Pv1 Miller, Nissly, Reed, Shepard have shown their interest and hard work towards learning farsi. i am proud to be their teacher and able to serve them in my best ability.
Best regards
here is the LTC, response

thank you very much. it is not often that we get reports of student success. most of the student issues that i deal with are negative. i appreciate that you took the time to recognize the efforts made by our students.

then he recognized them the very next day!! How awesome!! im so proud of him and i KNOW he is going to go far in life!!! he amazes me everyday. and i love him soooo much! he is my HERO!!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My DadDy!!

lagoon this last summer! my dads standing behind me and max

lagoon when i was like eleven

i love to fish with my dad!

now we know why his back hurts. im the one in diapers

me and dad climbing trees!

He has been there for every singleday of my life He has been the provider through all the struggle and hard times. I would be lost if he hadn't shown me the way I don't know that I would have made it from day to dayI am so very lucky for all he has done Out of all dads, he is the very best one

He never looks for praises He's never one to boast He just goes on quietly working For those he loves the most His dreams are seldom spoken His wants are very few And most of the time his worries Will go unspoken too He's there.... A firm foundation Through all our storms of lifeA sturdy hand to hold to In times of stress and strife A true friend we can turn toWhen times are good or bad One of our greatest blessings,The man that we call Dad.

today is my daddy's birthday and im so sad i cant be there! my dad is my hero and one of my best friends!! he isnt just a father figure to show you right from wrong but he has been a shoulder to cry on and an understanding friend. i love my dad sooo much he means the world to me and he brings me soo much happiness! here are a few of my favorite things about my dad. (not in order)
he isnt intimidating like alot of dads are.
i feel so comfortable telling him anything and everything.. sometimes probably too comfortable.
my dad isnt one of those guys who are afraid to show emotion or be himself.
he is real and honest and never tries to be someone he is not.
my dad is a real fun guy to be around! i could just sit around the house talking to him or just hanging out with him and have fun!
my dad is a great story teller, i love hearing all of his childhood stories and experiences.
i love getting into deap conversations with him.
when i lived with my dad he would always write us little notes and leave them on the table or different places in the house for us to find the next morning, just simply telling us how much he loves us, or what to eat in the morning, or just funny little things like the dog got out. GOODLUCK! ha these little notes always meant so much to me and my sisters!
i love how my dad loves to play games with us, and that he actually takes the time to play with us.
my dad is such a hard worker! he never does anything for himself but always makes sure we have what we need and want and makes it happen. he is the dad the provider the maid and the cook at his house! he does sooo much, and never complains!
i love getting texts at random times from my dad.
my dad is a thinker he is always thinking things over and looking way into things!
i love my dads laugh, it isnt very loud but i cant ever help myself from laughing when he does.
my dad to me is a comedian he is always doing and saying hillarious things! and he isnt even trying to be funny most the time!
i love my dads face when he gets mad or tries to be mad he flares his nose until we all start laughing.
my dad is very ticklish, and hates to be poked. haha its funny to do this to him cause he gets so mad.
my dad has a touch with food he can make anything taste amazing even a 99 cent pot pie, we say he doctors it up. even his coke taste better and i hate coke! he always gets so annoyed when he asks do you want me to make you dinner, pot pie, frozen pizza etc and we all say gross no! then once his food is cooked we all hover over him and beg for bites. he has the touch.
i love all the memories we have together, like getting horsey rides on his back, climbing trees, fishing trips, camping trips, hanging out at his valet booth, playing hide and go seek in the dark, the fun treasure hunts he takes us on, on easter, the super bowl partys we had with yummy food, putting lights up on the house for christmas, all the lagoon trips, all the late nights talking for hours, all the trips threw the gorge singing songs and him pretending to be a air plane pilot, taking us to go swimming at oasis or casa, all the times i have felt the spirit from him baring his testimony, all the games of trouble, taking us shooting, shopping sprees in vegas, the list goes on and on and on!! and because of all the happiness he has brought to so many of our lives on this day i celebrate you and your life and what it has done for me, i celebrate you, my wonderful father and the greatest dad too!!!

I LOVE YOU DADDY! happy birthday!