Wednesday, February 24, 2010


me and my amazing husband max FINALLY got into the doctor for the first time!! its been a really hard, frustrating, emotionally, and just flat out crappy journey.. first of all i found out i was pregnant december seventh, being really new to the monterey area and knowing close to NO one here, or where ANYTHING was around here, it set us back awhile before we even found a obgyn. but once we did i went in the very next day to fill out paper work and get an appointment set up.. it was about a three week wait before i could get in but i was willing to wait. the night before the appointment max told me there would be no way he will be able to get out of class to go, so i had to cancel and make a new appoinment for a later time. i got the appoinment for 3:30 so max only had to get permission to miss his after noon P.T. . he was able to get out of it and everything was going smooth at this time i think i was about ten weeks along. we were both so excited to see the baby and hear the heart beat, i couldnt even sleep that night! the day of our first official appointment i got all ready and drove over to pick up max from class while i was waiting for him in the parking lot, i got a call from the dr. office saying the doctor was in delivery and that i would have to reschedule. being confused and devistated and way overly emotional, i had max call them back to reschedule and the earliest they could get us in was two and a half weeks from that day!! i couldnt believe after cancelling on me they would make me wait so long but we made the appointment and waited. finally the day of our second official appointment i again got all ready very anxious and excited, and on my way over to get max i checked the voicemails on my phone and sure enough there was one from the dr. office cancelling AGAIN!!!!! due to the dr being in surgery! this time i didnt get as upset or cry because i guess it didnt surprise me! but at this time i think i was about fourteen weeks. well i called her back pretty pissed off and said when can you get me in i need to be seen ASAP i think i am about thirteen weeks pregnant and i want to know that everything is okay!! she again made me wait two weeks but finally FINALLY yesterday the day of my appointment we got in without them cancelling YAY!! i was so nervous and anxious i couldnt believe it was actually happening. they took me back to do all the weighing and peeing in the cup, i have actually lost six pounds since ive been pregnant which really scared me but they say thats normal. then max was able to come in the room with me which made me feel better and because i am a slacker and have never had a pap test done before i had to do it there and then. it wasnt that horrible but definantly not the most comfortable thing ever. the doctor came in introduced himself and then sad spread your legs, ha he really did, and i almost giggled but then i felt all the weird unpleasant pressure.... OKAY enough with that.. after that the dr. put the gel on my belly put the ultrasound thingy on my belly and instantly our little baby popped up on the big screen tv. i just started to squil, and i couldnt stop. it was the most AMAZING thing and at that moment i actually felt pregnant and not just crappy feeling. i was in shock it had been soo long to be pregnant without actual evidence of the baby that i was starting to question if i was even preggo any more. at first it was a side profile view of our little thing and then it turned its head looking right at us and then threw both of its arms up in the air looking like it was waving ha! it was weird to see it moving around and not being able to feel it move. he told us he doesnt like telling his patience what they are having until twenty weeks but he said as of right now it looks like a BOY!! and our next appointment ill be able to tell you for sure! he did a whole bunch of measuring to find out exactly how far along i actually was. comes to find out i am sixteen weeks pregnant with the due date of AUGUST,10,2010!!! then he printed out some pictures for us they arent that great because the baby got camera shy and fliped its face and head down but ill try and get them posted!! he said everything was going great he can tell its going to be a big healthy baby because i guess my uterus is really big and the baby is already a little big for its age(at first i just thought oh no big baby = pain, but then i was so relieved that we are going to have a healthy little chunk). then he listened to the baby's heart beat and that was so cool, everything made me very emotional but i was able to contain it. all last night i was in shock and felt like we just got the news of being pregnant, im so happy it feels real now and cant wait until our next appointment!!


  1. Congrats you guys! Everyone that I know that is preggo is having a boy so I wouldnt be surprised if you guys were too! That is so great!!

  2. Oh Tayona. I am so excited for you and Max. Personally I think having a boy first is the only way to go but... I can't wait for you to post the ultrasound pics. By the way, have you started thinking of names yet?

  3. Hey Tayona. I just found the cutest idea for a wallpaper tree and leaves. I thought it would be totally cute for your nursery if you are still doing that theme. I will see if I have your email address and try and forward you the pic. If I don't find it and you see this comment, give me your email so I can show you. Hope you guys are doing well. We would love to come out and say hello sometime. Maybe I can talk Chad into a summer trip to the bay. Tell Max hi hope you guys and the babe are all doing well.