Monday, February 1, 2010


well i must brag! i have the most awesome husband! not only does he take care of me and treat my like a queen! he is such a hard worker and so stinking smart!!! a couple days ago max got up at four in the morning to go to P.T. and run four or five miles..just like everyday, but after pt there was a meeting i think it was a safety breif they do every week before the weekend for everyone in his company, around 300 people...well while max was sitting there while they went threw the lecture on not beating your wife,not beating your dog, not beating your kids,not beating your neighbors kids, or your neighbors wife..yadda yadda ya...the leutenant curnal (which to my understanding is a man ranked way up there!) got up and called out private max miller and three other guys's names to come up to the front. at this point max didnt know what was happening and he was trying to figure out what he did wrong. and thats a man you dont want to get mad. so he walked up there and the man announced that those four guys were being recognized on there hard work and how extremely well they were picking up on the language.. four guys out of 300 or more all learning a language, my husband is doing so awesome he is standing out of 300 people!! im so proud!! im not exactly sure what all was said because unfortunantly i wasnt there. but later on that day the seargent in his class brought him a printed out email of how the leutenant colonel got the message that max was doing out standing.. here it is...

good morning
i would like to bring to your attention that i attended teaching on jan,27,2010 yesterday and i was amazed by students task accomplishment. we worked on vocabulary and asked them to write meaningful sentences or a paragraph, then present them to the class. and at the end , i wanted them to rewrite and them to me. they all did a great job ( i will give you a copy of their work). i have to mention that the leadership of ssgt jessica orr and her classmates Pv1 Miller, Nissly, Reed, Shepard have shown their interest and hard work towards learning farsi. i am proud to be their teacher and able to serve them in my best ability.
Best regards
here is the LTC, response

thank you very much. it is not often that we get reports of student success. most of the student issues that i deal with are negative. i appreciate that you took the time to recognize the efforts made by our students.

then he recognized them the very next day!! How awesome!! im so proud of him and i KNOW he is going to go far in life!!! he amazes me everyday. and i love him soooo much! he is my HERO!!!!

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  1. That is so awesome. I have to say that I'm not surprised. Max has always been a smartie. And I think you two are so cute together.