Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My DadDy!!

lagoon this last summer! my dads standing behind me and max

lagoon when i was like eleven

i love to fish with my dad!

now we know why his back hurts. im the one in diapers

me and dad climbing trees!

He has been there for every singleday of my life He has been the provider through all the struggle and hard times. I would be lost if he hadn't shown me the way I don't know that I would have made it from day to dayI am so very lucky for all he has done Out of all dads, he is the very best one

He never looks for praises He's never one to boast He just goes on quietly working For those he loves the most His dreams are seldom spoken His wants are very few And most of the time his worries Will go unspoken too He's there.... A firm foundation Through all our storms of lifeA sturdy hand to hold to In times of stress and strife A true friend we can turn toWhen times are good or bad One of our greatest blessings,The man that we call Dad.

today is my daddy's birthday and im so sad i cant be there! my dad is my hero and one of my best friends!! he isnt just a father figure to show you right from wrong but he has been a shoulder to cry on and an understanding friend. i love my dad sooo much he means the world to me and he brings me soo much happiness! here are a few of my favorite things about my dad. (not in order)
he isnt intimidating like alot of dads are.
i feel so comfortable telling him anything and everything.. sometimes probably too comfortable.
my dad isnt one of those guys who are afraid to show emotion or be himself.
he is real and honest and never tries to be someone he is not.
my dad is a real fun guy to be around! i could just sit around the house talking to him or just hanging out with him and have fun!
my dad is a great story teller, i love hearing all of his childhood stories and experiences.
i love getting into deap conversations with him.
when i lived with my dad he would always write us little notes and leave them on the table or different places in the house for us to find the next morning, just simply telling us how much he loves us, or what to eat in the morning, or just funny little things like the dog got out. GOODLUCK! ha these little notes always meant so much to me and my sisters!
i love how my dad loves to play games with us, and that he actually takes the time to play with us.
my dad is such a hard worker! he never does anything for himself but always makes sure we have what we need and want and makes it happen. he is the dad the provider the maid and the cook at his house! he does sooo much, and never complains!
i love getting texts at random times from my dad.
my dad is a thinker he is always thinking things over and looking way into things!
i love my dads laugh, it isnt very loud but i cant ever help myself from laughing when he does.
my dad to me is a comedian he is always doing and saying hillarious things! and he isnt even trying to be funny most the time!
i love my dads face when he gets mad or tries to be mad he flares his nose until we all start laughing.
my dad is very ticklish, and hates to be poked. haha its funny to do this to him cause he gets so mad.
my dad has a touch with food he can make anything taste amazing even a 99 cent pot pie, we say he doctors it up. even his coke taste better and i hate coke! he always gets so annoyed when he asks do you want me to make you dinner, pot pie, frozen pizza etc and we all say gross no! then once his food is cooked we all hover over him and beg for bites. he has the touch.
i love all the memories we have together, like getting horsey rides on his back, climbing trees, fishing trips, camping trips, hanging out at his valet booth, playing hide and go seek in the dark, the fun treasure hunts he takes us on, on easter, the super bowl partys we had with yummy food, putting lights up on the house for christmas, all the lagoon trips, all the late nights talking for hours, all the trips threw the gorge singing songs and him pretending to be a air plane pilot, taking us to go swimming at oasis or casa, all the times i have felt the spirit from him baring his testimony, all the games of trouble, taking us shooting, shopping sprees in vegas, the list goes on and on and on!! and because of all the happiness he has brought to so many of our lives on this day i celebrate you and your life and what it has done for me, i celebrate you, my wonderful father and the greatest dad too!!!

I LOVE YOU DADDY! happy birthday!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Baby RoOm!!

love love love!!
kinda the same color scheme!

i love little owls made out of old socks!

light fixture i would love to do!

paper mache bird!

birdie mobile! i love all the colors!

kinda the same idea minus the hanging blue bird!

i know it might be a little early to be planning the baby's room...but i just love anything to do with interior design and being creative! so i have a few ideas and want to know what you think... this is the picture in my mind welcome! first off i want the theme of our little peanuts room to be little birdies and very vintage!...i love espresso colored woods or just dark wood. so i definantly want a dark wooden crib and bassinet. then for the bedding i want very nutural creams and off whites. if its a boy plane tans/creams and if its a girl tans/creams with lots of off white lace. and the more i think about how much this would work for either sex the more i kinda want to make it a surprise! i am planning on making my own baby mobile out of sticks and plush birds or paper mache birdies with lots of color...i dont know how but i am going to make lots of colorful pillows with birds sewn on them or bird shape pillows..ill do some paintings to go on the walls of tree and bird silhouettes..i am also on a hunt for some vintage bird cages to hang as either a light fixture or just decor..and thats about all i have in mind so far! here are some pictures..

Thursday, January 14, 2010

this is the boat we went whale watching on!

this is max up close and personal with a pelican!!
fishermans wharf!!!
the waves are always sooo huge!!
this is where i was looking for sea shells
i love FuNkY fabrics!!

one of the victorian homes


okay i am getting a little home sick for sweet old st. george utah! but i have to admit monterey is one of my all time favorite places ive ever been to!!! i just discovered a whole new world of monterey yesterday...well its actually called pacific grove which is right next to monterey..kinda like st. george and washington..any way its a really old part of town with tons of victorian houses bed and breakfast and cute little shops galore!! i found one of my all time favorite shops, its called nancy's attic.. full of cute old and new antique house decorations, vintage toys, etc...then i found an amazing material store i guess its supposed to be top ten in the nation..i will be spending alot of time in there the next seven months! i just wish i knew what i am having so i could start some baby quilts...then i stumbled into an art gallery and the artist himself warren strouse happened to be in there and was painting..i watched him for awhile, and then showed him some of my paintings..he gave me good advice and we ended up talking for a good hour he was amazing!!! i hope to be that good someday..someday...then while i was waiting for max to get off work i walked down to the beach and collected sea shells to make a craft for my little sister! it was fun although i was all alone (i hate being alone!), it was a nice breath of fresh air...i would love for anyone to come visit and stay with us we are lonely down here and dont know many people. here are some other favorite things to do.. fishermans wharf. its a stretch of building out on the ocean that used to be an active fishing loading and unloading zone...the buildings used to be warehouses to store fish, clean and ship off all over the country..well now all those warehouses have been turned into great restraunts with the best most fresh fish you will ever taste, my personal favorite is smoked clam chowder in a sour dough bread bowl.!!! ahh yumm! awsome tourist and unique shops, whale watching, fishing tours, and bay cruises.. then there is cannery row which is just a very fun place right on the ocean, packed with people, bands, and alot of excitement. there is an imax theater there tons more restraunts and shopping..oh and something me and max havent tried out yet is lazer mania in a mirror maze! and the famous monterey bay aquarium is there also which we are waiting for people to come down and do with us..lovers point is in between cannery row and fishermans wharf i think thats my favorite thing to see here.. its lots of great big rocks and cliffs that goes way out into the ocean that you walk out too and watch the waves crash up against the rocks its amazingly breath taking and very romantic. lots of people have weddings out there and get proposed to! very ideal!!! and not to mention seventeen mile drive its the most amazing seventeen mile drive you will ever take in your life!! MONTEREY if you havent been out here come! its something you dont want to miss!!! with free lodging at our place!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


well we made it six months after being married, but only two months of actually being with eachother before i got pregnant! we werent really planning this but now that we know i am we are both so extremely excited! i took the home pregnancy test a month and three days after the last day of my last period. it is kinda a funny story probably TMI for bloggers but ill tell you anyway... i secretly bought the first response test at the grocery store while max was at school/ home waited until i had to pee then pulled it out..because my pee stream doesnt exactly come out in a stream more so a spritzing sprinkler, i didnt want to hold the stick and try to manage getting the test stick in pee for ten seconds like the instrunction say.. i wanted to play it safe by simply peeing in a cup and sticking it in while it tested....well i didnt want to use any of our drinking glasses and didnt have any paper or plastic cups. but i did have a new bottle of airsol hairspray with a cup like cap on top..i grabbed the cap rinsed it out and filled it i was manoovering the cap full of pee onto the floor pee leaked all over my leg..YUCK! but i went on with the process stuck the test stick into the hairspray cap and let it fill up with pee. immediatly a little pink line showed up but only one, so i thought oh i must just be late but then about five minutes after another line showed up...come to find out the pink line that showed up first was the line saying im pregnant. i was so excited i couldnt believe it! when i was going to clean up the mess i had made i realized the cup full of pee wasnt full was all over the floor come to find out there was a tiny little hole that i didnt while in complete shock i blasted some music and celebrated with myself while mopping up my urine of the floor! after that i went to the store bought a completely plane bottle and some colorful markers...i stuck the positive test inside of the bottle colored all over it, saying congratulations your going to be a daddy!!!! and put it inside of the cup cubbord and when max got home that night i asked him to get me a drink and thats when he saw took him a minute to realize what the crap was going on but once it dawned on him he got so excited!!!

whale watching on black FRIDAY!

we started at 3:30 am!! i dragged max's but out of bed to experience the rush and amazing sells of black friday! being his first time he wasn't happy and thought it was all just a bunch of craziness! it wasnt too cold thank goodness. we stood in line until five at target (which isnt going to be my first pick next year.) wal mart's deal were way better! any way i was getting a little excited when they opened the doors we were about fifty people away from the doors and the old short stubby mexican lady in front of me was moving way too slow..i accidently rammed her in the back of her foot with my cart. ON ACCIDENT!! i felt bad and slightly embarrassed but i think max felt even worse! sad thing was i dont think she spoke a word of english..accept OUCH OUCH OUCH! oops! any way we finally got in and passed the limping old short stubby mexican lady..and made a dash for it! for nothing really ha not too many good door busters or anything! but we managed to get pretty much all of our christmas shopping done there.. then walked over to micheals. there i got tons of canvas's for way cheap! that was the best part! by the time we were done max was all about black friday shopping, and was already making plans for next year!
we went home ate some breakfast then got ready for the nine we met a few of maxs army budds at fishermans warf and went whale watching...the second i stepped foot on that boat i instantly got sea sick. before we even left i kept telling max i dont know if i can do this..for three hours! well i managed to hold back the barf..and enjoyed it as much as possible three hours out on the sea is an awesome experience!! next time im going to take some dramomean (or whatever that naseus medicine is). we got to see some awsome HUGE whales! and by the end of the ride me and max were one of the only people on the boat who didnt throw up! i was proud! we got some lunch on the warf.. smoked clam chowder in bread bowls and fish n chips! yumm! it was a good day! i decided that im really happy max didnt join the navy!!