Tuesday, January 12, 2010


well we made it six months after being married, but only two months of actually being with eachother before i got pregnant! we werent really planning this but now that we know i am we are both so extremely excited! i took the home pregnancy test a month and three days after the last day of my last period. it is kinda a funny story probably TMI for bloggers but ill tell you anyway... i secretly bought the first response test at the grocery store while max was at school/work...got home waited until i had to pee then pulled it out..because my pee stream doesnt exactly come out in a stream more so a spritzing sprinkler, i didnt want to hold the stick and try to manage getting the test stick in pee for ten seconds like the instrunction say.. i wanted to play it safe by simply peeing in a cup and sticking it in while it tested....well i didnt want to use any of our drinking glasses and didnt have any paper or plastic cups. but i did have a new bottle of airsol hairspray with a cup like cap on top..i grabbed the cap rinsed it out and filled it up..as i was manoovering the cap full of pee onto the floor pee leaked all over my leg..YUCK! but i went on with the process stuck the test stick into the hairspray cap and let it fill up with pee. immediatly a little pink line showed up but only one, so i thought oh i must just be late but then about five minutes after another line showed up...come to find out the pink line that showed up first was the line saying im pregnant. i was so excited i couldnt believe it! when i was going to clean up the mess i had made i realized the cup full of pee wasnt full anymore..it was all over the floor come to find out there was a tiny little hole that i didnt see..so while in complete shock i blasted some music and celebrated with myself while mopping up my urine of the floor! after that i went to the store bought a completely plane bottle and some colorful markers...i stuck the positive test inside of the bottle colored all over it, saying congratulations your going to be a daddy!!!! and put it inside of the cup cubbord and when max got home that night i asked him to get me a drink and thats when he saw it..it took him a minute to realize what the crap was going on but once it dawned on him he got so excited!!!


  1. I love it. I never was creative about telling Chad. In fact, Alicia was the first one to know I was preggers with Carter. But it was exciting because she was just barely preggers with Ashlyn.

  2. haha! Tayona! You crack me up! Congrats to you guys! That's so exciting! I love your story about how you found out! I'm glad I found your blog!!!