Thursday, January 14, 2010


okay i am getting a little home sick for sweet old st. george utah! but i have to admit monterey is one of my all time favorite places ive ever been to!!! i just discovered a whole new world of monterey yesterday...well its actually called pacific grove which is right next to monterey..kinda like st. george and washington..any way its a really old part of town with tons of victorian houses bed and breakfast and cute little shops galore!! i found one of my all time favorite shops, its called nancy's attic.. full of cute old and new antique house decorations, vintage toys, etc...then i found an amazing material store i guess its supposed to be top ten in the nation..i will be spending alot of time in there the next seven months! i just wish i knew what i am having so i could start some baby quilts...then i stumbled into an art gallery and the artist himself warren strouse happened to be in there and was painting..i watched him for awhile, and then showed him some of my paintings..he gave me good advice and we ended up talking for a good hour he was amazing!!! i hope to be that good someday..someday...then while i was waiting for max to get off work i walked down to the beach and collected sea shells to make a craft for my little sister! it was fun although i was all alone (i hate being alone!), it was a nice breath of fresh air...i would love for anyone to come visit and stay with us we are lonely down here and dont know many people. here are some other favorite things to do.. fishermans wharf. its a stretch of building out on the ocean that used to be an active fishing loading and unloading zone...the buildings used to be warehouses to store fish, clean and ship off all over the country..well now all those warehouses have been turned into great restraunts with the best most fresh fish you will ever taste, my personal favorite is smoked clam chowder in a sour dough bread bowl.!!! ahh yumm! awsome tourist and unique shops, whale watching, fishing tours, and bay cruises.. then there is cannery row which is just a very fun place right on the ocean, packed with people, bands, and alot of excitement. there is an imax theater there tons more restraunts and shopping..oh and something me and max havent tried out yet is lazer mania in a mirror maze! and the famous monterey bay aquarium is there also which we are waiting for people to come down and do with us..lovers point is in between cannery row and fishermans wharf i think thats my favorite thing to see here.. its lots of great big rocks and cliffs that goes way out into the ocean that you walk out too and watch the waves crash up against the rocks its amazingly breath taking and very romantic. lots of people have weddings out there and get proposed to! very ideal!!! and not to mention seventeen mile drive its the most amazing seventeen mile drive you will ever take in your life!! MONTEREY if you havent been out here come! its something you dont want to miss!!! with free lodging at our place!!

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