Tuesday, January 12, 2010

whale watching on black FRIDAY!

we started at 3:30 am!! i dragged max's but out of bed to experience the rush and amazing sells of black friday! being his first time he wasn't happy and thought it was all just a bunch of craziness! it wasnt too cold thank goodness. we stood in line until five at target (which isnt going to be my first pick next year.) wal mart's deal were way better! any way i was getting a little excited when they opened the doors we were about fifty people away from the doors and the old short stubby mexican lady in front of me was moving way too slow..i accidently rammed her in the back of her foot with my cart. ON ACCIDENT!! i felt bad and slightly embarrassed but i think max felt even worse! sad thing was i dont think she spoke a word of english..accept OUCH OUCH OUCH! oops! any way we finally got in and passed the limping old short stubby mexican lady..and made a dash for it! for nothing really ha not too many good door busters or anything! but we managed to get pretty much all of our christmas shopping done there.. then walked over to micheals. there i got tons of canvas's for way cheap! that was the best part! by the time we were done max was all about black friday shopping, and was already making plans for next year!
we went home ate some breakfast then got ready for the day...at nine we met a few of maxs army budds at fishermans warf and went whale watching...the second i stepped foot on that boat i instantly got sea sick. before we even left i kept telling max i dont know if i can do this..for three hours! well i managed to hold back the barf..and enjoyed it as much as possible three hours out on the sea is an awesome experience!! next time im going to take some dramomean (or whatever that naseus medicine is). we got to see some awsome HUGE whales! and by the end of the ride me and max were one of the only people on the boat who didnt throw up! i was proud! we got some lunch on the warf.. smoked clam chowder in bread bowls and fish n chips! yumm! it was a good day! i decided that im really happy max didnt join the navy!!

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