Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My 12 hour journey!!

Getting to Monterey was probably the worst experience ever!! i really dont want to scare anyone, cause i really want people to come visit! but im going to be honest it wasnt fun...well it started pretty early for me and abby we were finishing up my packing and loading all the last things into my chuck full car...Max and I have a dear little kitten we got about a week before we got married..very foolish on our part but he was tooo cute to resist, we got him from little girls giving him away in front of wal mart...ha anyway moving day came along and i couldnt just leave him at nikkis house as much as i wanted to..i had to take him on this thirteen hour i got sleeping pills from the vet the day before to knock him out and leave abby and I in peace while we traveled...lets just say they didnt work very i gave him more which could have been really bad! brain damage heart failure etc.. i just couldnt handle the ear drum bursting screeetching Meooowww that didnt stop for even one second..his nails digging into mine and abbys skin.. escaping our arms and climbing in a panic to the dashboard, while i was driving threw the gorge and down threw nerves were shot! luckily the extra pill did the trick and didnt kill the poor thing....he slept for the rest of the trip but would only sleep on one of our laps mostly here we are in a tightly packed little corolla driving down to monterey with a half dead kitten spralled across my lap...not to mention my dad the most tense stressed city driver, driving the uhaul behind, and in front of us. he didnt have cruise control so his speed went up and down....we stopped a few times along the way to use the restroom and eat, and everytime i tried to get louie to go so he wouldnt go in my lap let alone my car...but the spoiled little shit wouldnt we just kept driving.. aside of all the stress the drive was beautifull...once we got to monterey county it was oh around eleven pm and very dark which doesnt make finding your way there very easy or fun!! we were in monterey but we were very lost! it took us almost two hours just to find my husband on the base.. and that was the worst part of the whole trip!! i was extremely tired, the cat was coming out of his acoma and freakin out, i lost my dad a few times.. the streets here are sooooo weird all of a sudden youll be driving and the roads turn into a one way street so me and my dad, in a huge uhaul headed onto on coming traffic and almost caused multiple wrecks several times!!! we finally got and i was able to reunite with my hubby around midnight..louie still hadnt gone to the bathroom but he was crying a very painfull cry so i dug threw the uhaul to find his litter and litter box to see if maybe he just wanted to pee on that..well that did the trick the little spoiled brat was too good to pee in the grass or dirt and held it all those hours just to pee on his litter....being able to hold my husband sleep in with him and seeing beautifull monterey in the day the next morning made all the stress and many hours of travel very very worth it!!! i love it here just didnt love the trip i still have nightmares about it.. and to know that in just a year im going to be doing it all again accept in a bigger uhaul..

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