Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My DadDy!!

lagoon this last summer! my dads standing behind me and max

lagoon when i was like eleven

i love to fish with my dad!

now we know why his back hurts. im the one in diapers

me and dad climbing trees!

He has been there for every singleday of my life He has been the provider through all the struggle and hard times. I would be lost if he hadn't shown me the way I don't know that I would have made it from day to dayI am so very lucky for all he has done Out of all dads, he is the very best one

He never looks for praises He's never one to boast He just goes on quietly working For those he loves the most His dreams are seldom spoken His wants are very few And most of the time his worries Will go unspoken too He's there.... A firm foundation Through all our storms of lifeA sturdy hand to hold to In times of stress and strife A true friend we can turn toWhen times are good or bad One of our greatest blessings,The man that we call Dad.

today is my daddy's birthday and im so sad i cant be there! my dad is my hero and one of my best friends!! he isnt just a father figure to show you right from wrong but he has been a shoulder to cry on and an understanding friend. i love my dad sooo much he means the world to me and he brings me soo much happiness! here are a few of my favorite things about my dad. (not in order)
he isnt intimidating like alot of dads are.
i feel so comfortable telling him anything and everything.. sometimes probably too comfortable.
my dad isnt one of those guys who are afraid to show emotion or be himself.
he is real and honest and never tries to be someone he is not.
my dad is a real fun guy to be around! i could just sit around the house talking to him or just hanging out with him and have fun!
my dad is a great story teller, i love hearing all of his childhood stories and experiences.
i love getting into deap conversations with him.
when i lived with my dad he would always write us little notes and leave them on the table or different places in the house for us to find the next morning, just simply telling us how much he loves us, or what to eat in the morning, or just funny little things like the dog got out. GOODLUCK! ha these little notes always meant so much to me and my sisters!
i love how my dad loves to play games with us, and that he actually takes the time to play with us.
my dad is such a hard worker! he never does anything for himself but always makes sure we have what we need and want and makes it happen. he is the dad the provider the maid and the cook at his house! he does sooo much, and never complains!
i love getting texts at random times from my dad.
my dad is a thinker he is always thinking things over and looking way into things!
i love my dads laugh, it isnt very loud but i cant ever help myself from laughing when he does.
my dad to me is a comedian he is always doing and saying hillarious things! and he isnt even trying to be funny most the time!
i love my dads face when he gets mad or tries to be mad he flares his nose until we all start laughing.
my dad is very ticklish, and hates to be poked. haha its funny to do this to him cause he gets so mad.
my dad has a touch with food he can make anything taste amazing even a 99 cent pot pie, we say he doctors it up. even his coke taste better and i hate coke! he always gets so annoyed when he asks do you want me to make you dinner, pot pie, frozen pizza etc and we all say gross no! then once his food is cooked we all hover over him and beg for bites. he has the touch.
i love all the memories we have together, like getting horsey rides on his back, climbing trees, fishing trips, camping trips, hanging out at his valet booth, playing hide and go seek in the dark, the fun treasure hunts he takes us on, on easter, the super bowl partys we had with yummy food, putting lights up on the house for christmas, all the lagoon trips, all the late nights talking for hours, all the trips threw the gorge singing songs and him pretending to be a air plane pilot, taking us to go swimming at oasis or casa, all the times i have felt the spirit from him baring his testimony, all the games of trouble, taking us shooting, shopping sprees in vegas, the list goes on and on and on!! and because of all the happiness he has brought to so many of our lives on this day i celebrate you and your life and what it has done for me, i celebrate you, my wonderful father and the greatest dad too!!!

I LOVE YOU DADDY! happy birthday!


  1. Such a nice omage to your dad. He sounds like a really wonderful guy.

  2. Sorry homage. I sometimes forget to proofread my messages.