Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Baby RoOm!!

love love love!!
kinda the same color scheme!

i love little owls made out of old socks!

light fixture i would love to do!

paper mache bird!

birdie mobile! i love all the colors!

kinda the same idea minus the hanging blue bird!

i know it might be a little early to be planning the baby's room...but i just love anything to do with interior design and being creative! so i have a few ideas and want to know what you think... this is the picture in my mind welcome! first off i want the theme of our little peanuts room to be little birdies and very vintage!...i love espresso colored woods or just dark wood. so i definantly want a dark wooden crib and bassinet. then for the bedding i want very nutural creams and off whites. if its a boy plane tans/creams and if its a girl tans/creams with lots of off white lace. and the more i think about how much this would work for either sex the more i kinda want to make it a surprise! i am planning on making my own baby mobile out of sticks and plush birds or paper mache birdies with lots of color...i dont know how but i am going to make lots of colorful pillows with birds sewn on them or bird shape pillows..ill do some paintings to go on the walls of tree and bird silhouettes..i am also on a hunt for some vintage bird cages to hang as either a light fixture or just decor..and thats about all i have in mind so far! here are some pictures..


  1. This could potentially be the cutest baby room ever! I am so excited for you two. I miss you guys and I am definitely coming to visit. I PROMISE!!!

  2. Ditto. You got me thinking I might need to redo the nursery or the girls' room. I love, love, love it. If you figure out the bird cage light you will need to share. Ditto on the coming to visit too. How much longer are you guys there?

  3. One more thing. It's not to early to be thinking about a nurser and second, this ideas is awesome cause it's totally unisex. Did I mention I love it!

  4. Just wanted to let you know that I can't stop thinking about your future nursery. Also, I totally agree about that Mika song being a great Zumba song. I actually had that same thought when I heard it the first time. Tell Max hello.

  5. that one blue bird looks like all the others hung it! ha just kidding.