Friday, April 2, 2010

my bundle of BOY!

thats right we are having a Boy!!! and we are both so very excited! now that it is safe,we both will admit that we wanted a boy first, we would have been happy with either but deep down we both really wanted a boy! and thats what were getting!! he is a healthy fat baby so far and is almost constantly kicking, turning, punching and flipping around! it makes me so happy to feel him squirming around and to feel how strong he already is.. i feel like in a way i kinda remember my kids in heaven and i do think that they chose us before this life. i have always invisioned having a boy first, it would have been a huge shock if i were having a girl. my life is just falling into place just the way i have always imagined as a little girl, its not always peaches and cream, but Max and I are truly so blessed and so happy! we are having a hard time with a boy name so if you have any suggestions send them my way! here is a video of our sixteen week dr visit, its the first time we actually saw our baby! sooooo is such a miracle! i have more photos and videos ill get up soon! enjoy!!

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