Monday, April 19, 2010

im innocent i swear!!!

The day after easter sunday my sister and i drove the long but beautiful drive back to our hometown mesquite/ st. george!! the drive really was not bad at all there is soo much to look at along the way, monday around four we arrived in mesquite and headed straight to my grandma bundy's house where my mom and two younger sisters were anxiously awaiting our arrival. it was alot of fun to see them it was the first time any of them have seen me since i told them i was pregnant and was not showing at all, it made my pregnancy feel real for everyone to see my little baby bump. after we visited my grandma and eachother for a while we all drove up to my dads house which is only about two and a half minutes away, he had absolutely no idea i was coming and was completely surprised! and soo happy!! i stayed for a week and four days and that was just the exact amount of time i needed to see everyone i wanted to see do all the things ive been wanting to do and most importantly eat at all the places i crave everyday in monterey ( i ate at durangos twice and wish now i would have everday!!). this last friday my sister and my friend drove me down to the las vegas air port, i was sad to leave but sooo overly excited and homesick for my husband! this being my second official time flying and first time flying alone i was a little nervous! i hate being alone!! they stayed with me until security and then we went our own way. the line and airport was just packed with people so it took me a little longer than i thought it would to get threw security so i was a little stressed for time.. once it was my turn to put my carry on bag, purse, and shoes on the belt to go threw the xray security thingy i walked myself threw the metal detector right away a beeping noise went off and the man said i had to be randomly searched, i was totally okay with it and all i asked was if it would take long cause i was worried about time they looked at my ticket and said i had enough time. my bags were in the x ray thing for kinda along time and was starting to hold up the line i didnt think much of it and just rolled with the punches. the security man told me that my purse was fine and that he just needed to go threw my carry on bag. he put my bag on a table and started pulling out all my clothes he told me at any time i cannot try to reach or grab anything out of my bag, and i was like okay thats fine, not worried or sweating anything i was just going threw the motions and sending max a text. the security man started talking to me so i looked up at him and he said this was in your bag! it was a pretty large pocket knife the blade was about the size of my hand. at first i thought he was joking and i actually asked him if he was kidding and if he was serious! he definantly was seriouse! i told him i had never seen the knife in my life i didnt know it was in there and that i was terribly sorry!! and soo embarrassed. i explained to the man my situation.. when i found out i was flying home i didnt want to pay the price or go threw the headache of checking in a bag so when i was at my dads i just grabbed a carry on size suite case that i could fit my stuff in, the bag was all folded up and appeared to be empty so i just shoved all my stuff in the bag without double checking! it must be my dads i said but i didnt care what they did to it i told them i didnt need it or care if they took it i just wanted to keep my flight and get home to my hubby. the man brought the knife over to more security guards and told them what he had found.. he came back and told me he had to run my bag threw one more time and that he would be keeping the knife. i was soo embarrassed but also soooo happy he didnt treat me like a criminal, throw me in jail, interegate me etc. he was actually pretty cool about it! i still cant believe what happened to me of all the things that could have been left in that suit case it just had to be a over sized pocket knife! oh geezz but i have to say if i was trying to high jack a plane or sneak on a weapon i did have a pretty innocent believable look.. twenty year old pregnant girl hahaha!!!


  1. Oh my funny! I cant believe that happened to you! I am so glad that they were nice to our cute preggo Tayonna! It would have been fun to see you while you were here, let us know next time you come up!

  2. Tayona! My biggest fear at the airport is security finding something I shouldn't have and chucking my big booty in jail. I'm so glad you are not locked up. I think people take pity on th pregnant which is why I've gotten knocked up so many times. Reading your post both relaxes and terrifies me...relaxed becuase you are a few woman, but terrified because I can see how easy it is to overlook something that could cause a lot of problems. Let us know when you are in St. G next, we would love to come down and see you and your cute pregnant belly.

  3. I can't even believe that! I'm glad nothing more then being embarrased happend to you! I miss talking to you! call me sometime when you have service i want to tell you about my baby!