Friday, October 22, 2010

my new life!

Drezden brings me soo much happiness and joy! the past two months have been absolutely perfect! Drezden has changed soo much already. weighing in at 13 pounds 8 ounces 24 inches long! he is starting to smile alot and goo and squil! i love this age and i am enjoying every second of every minute with this little man! some things to remember of the first few months of his life:
i had a house full of loving family to welcome drezden home and help me with getting use to this new role as mother.
Drezden got the new born rash only lasted a day or two
he loves the sound of his DADDYS voice and loves to listen to max play guitar
he is a mommys boy and loves to eat and definantly knows how to tell me he is hungry!
i cant keep my eyes off of all his tiny little body parts and how perfect he is!
i still cant believe he came out of me and grew inside of me!
Drezden is PERFECTLY healthy
the Dr thinks that Drezden might have a lazy eyelid we will be going to a specialist
Drezden got circumsized at 2 weeks old that was not fun it killed me to hear him cry in pain, i stayed in the room with him and held my hands on his head and kissed his face reasurring him he will be okay, not even glancing once to what was going on. max watched the entire procedure and did just fine!
Drezden wakes up two eat every two hours on the dot.
Drezden always has his hands in a tight fist and likes to keep his hands up by his face when he sleeps!
gassy grunting poopy little boy
drezden loves to sleep right on my CHEST i love the skin to skin contact and so does he it calms him down no matter what is bothering him
Drezden LOVES the bath i think besides eating its his favorite part of the day!
he is picky with what he sucks on he wont take a bottle and will only suck on one type of binky.
the first few days he tried sucking on his two middle fingers but i wouldnt let him even though i think its adorable i know i can take away a binky to break the bad habit but i cant take away his fingers.
2 weeks we weighs 7 pounds 8 ounces
1 month he weighs in at 9 pounds 7 ounces
Drezden is very alert and really concentrates on you if you talk to him.
he has the same brow line as me and makes a mad face alot and also he has my nose and he flares his nostriles everytime he is peeing.
speaking of pee its been every where has hit us from across the room he is a shooter
he is a very lazy boy he doesnt like standing on his legs to much and doesnt really care to hold up his own head. but slowly and surely he is getting stronger and stronger!
the first time he really SMILED out of happiness not from gas was when he was 1 month old and i was talking to him and playing with him by pulling his binky out of his mouth and then putting it back he thought this was funny!
2 1/2 months he weighs in at 13 pounds 8 ounces
at two months old he is very alert and a very happy baby!! he goos squils and smiles all the time! he is getting harder to intertain though he wants to see it all and he is really getting his own little personality. he knows if he coughs i will hurry and pick him up thinking he might be choking some, but now he has a fake little cough that he uses to get my attention and to be picked up its too cute! he also has a fake little pitty cry more like he is yelling at me and his cry is slowly turning from that newborn cry to a cry that he is trying to talk to me and tell me whats wrong by making little yelling noises and gooing and sying in between his cry's. he hasnt full on giggled yet but he is soo close. he is a really breathy baby and so when he smiles really big he makes alot of high pitched squils and takes "happy" breaths if you know what i mean! he is spoiled and definantly has max and i wraped around his finger! because we are pretty much the only one who holds him we are pretty much the only ones he likes to be held by,this will change really soon once we get back home and around family.
he loves to be in his crib kicking and playing he loves to be FREE and kick around with his diaper off!
i have gotten him in the big bath tub a few times with me and he really likes this although if he can feel my bare skin at all he thinks he needs to eat it doesnt matter how full he is. he is starting to realize that he can SPLASH! the floor and mom and dad are usually totally soaked after each bath!
everywhere i go with him i get tons of compliments! everyone thinks he is the most beautiful little boy! i have to agree!!
he loves his momma and loves to SNUGGLE thats my favorite part! i love being loved and needed soo much! its the greatest feeling ever!! i could go on and on and on about my lil man and all the happiness he brings me! really this is for my own self because i am terrible about writing in a journal and i dont want to forget all these PRECIOUS things!! thanks for reading anyway!

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