Tuesday, June 29, 2010


hey there everyone, i have been falling behind on keeping things posted, so i am setting my life aside and forcing myself to write on here. alot has been going on in our busy little life. first off we have an unexpected new family member. a boxer pup, his name is Bowzer, to keep a long story short we were not at all looking to get a dog, at least i was against the idea with the baby coming i didnt want to be dealing with potty training a puppy or training one at all while getting ready for a baby. max really wanted a dog but he wanted to go to the next extreme..a great dane! that was just out of the question. anyway about a month and a half ago while driving home from enrichment night i watched about three cars slam on their brakes almost hitting a black little creature running freely threw the street, i thought it was a cat then he ran in front of my car not once but twice, i almost hit him. so i pulled over and discovered it was a puppy i threw him in my car and headed home with the intentions to find his family, i just couldnt leave him running the streets i knew he would become part of the road if i didnt act fast! i dont think it really hit us until the next morning when we took him out of our bathroom and played with him out our back yard what we had gotten ourself into. he was covered in fleas warms crawling out of his butt, and he has a cherry eye, and his collar was on super tight. i took him to the vet got him all cleaned up and medicated, and posted on craigslist that i found him, and called the shelters around here to see if anyone was looking for him. after about three weeks and a surgery to remove a fox tail out of his nose 500 dollars later we decided we had invested way too much into this pup and honeslty we were pretty attatched. he's ours! and luckily he is a very well behaved puppy and came potty trained so that was nice!! memorial weekend we went camping up in the mountains with some good friends we have made here. it was at a beautifull camp grounds called verterans memorial park, it was a very different experience because it looks and feels like your in a red wood forest or cedar mountain but yet you can hear the sea lions barking on the beach and see the ocean from the camp spot haha it was really cool!

OUR ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!! june,6,2010. i cant believe it has been a whole year! the best year ever! seriously Max and I are truly soooo happy! i love being married, sharing a home with my best friend, building our future and family together is so exciting! people say the first year is the hardest, if the years to come are easier and happier than this year my life is going to be a breeze! one year ago was the happiest day of my life! we made the best decision ever! i love my hunny! max planned out a date for us to celebrate our anniversary this year, he didnt tell me what we were doing he just told me wherever we went had a dress code, no jeans girls in dresses, no flip flops or anything like that, so i got all dolled up in a really pretty black dress and hills, it was fun having a reason to get dressed up and pretty. first max drove us up to carmel and we sat pulled off the road watching the waves crash on the beach in carmel, point lobos area, then when it was time for his reservations he drove me up the steep hill into a very rich amazing, private neighborhood, it was beautifull every where you looked you could see the ocean and mountains and just breath taking views. we ate at not only the most fanciest and top of the line restraunt i have ever been to, but it was the most amazing food i have ever ever had in my life! and it was also the most expensive meal we have ever ate at it was 180.00! but the view and atmosphere alone was worth every penny let alone every bite. it was very very special they treated us like king and queens! every meal we had the waiter offered to take a picture of us with the meal. i would never want to be proposed inside of a restraunt but this restraunt was an acception it was very romantic, max did great! the pictures below are of 1: maxs 22 ounce steak! the best steak we have ever tasted ever! 2: the view from our table the entire restraunt was almost completely windows on the edge of this cliff hanging over the ocean in carmel 3: max and i on our anniversary 4: our amazing desert that had happy anniversary written on white chocolate in chocolate! that made it really special!

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  1. wow it sounds like you are living the life! i'm so happy for you tay and i can't wait to see you guys! i miss you so much!